Board of Directors
Richard Byer - President
(Deming Insurance)

Sarah Harris - Vice President
(Vance Village Elementary School)

Molly Satalino - Corresponding Secretary
(Community Volunteer)

Roberto Mercado - Recording Secretary
(New Britain High School)

Timothy St. Andrew - Treasurer
(Voya Financial)

Sarah Benham
(Hospital of Central CT)

Mary Kate Carroll
(Community Volunteer)

Elizabeth Chasse, MD MPH
(Community Volunteer)

Janice Grega-Mals
(Consolidated School District of New Britain)

Keturah Kinch, MPA
(Wheeler Clinic)

Jacqueline Lillo
(Community Volunteer)

Richard H. Pentore, Esq. - Board Member at Large
(Law Offices of Richard H. Pentore)

Kayla Reasco
(Community Volunteer)

Paula Trigilio
(Community Volunteer)
Our Board of Directors is a vital part of our success. The Board of Directors is
responsible for the organization’s financial well-being and accountability, ensuring that
program activities are consistent with our mission, as well as oversight, including hiring
of paid staff for the organization. We are proud of and thankful for all the work they do.

Right now we are looking for new board members. We are in need of resourceful,
energetic individuals who are excited about our program and our goal of guiding young
boys and girls to become educated, hardworking, self-sufficient adults.

Board members are expected to promote the organization and help with fund-raising.
However, the board is not responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization.
The board meets once a month and members are strongly encouraged to make a six year
commitment, as this helps us ensure an experienced and capable board. Board members
are expected to participate in other occasional activities such as fundraisers, board
subcommittees, and participation in email discussions.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about the organization or serving on the
Board of Directors!