The Pathways/Senderos Center was established in January, 1993.
The community-based program targets poverty-stricken youth
and their families in New Britain for comprehensive, holistic
services designed ultimately to prevent teen pregnancy.

We use a case management approach to provide long-term,
intensive services for youth and their families.

Our program model includes seven integrated components:
academic support; career preparation; family life and
sex education; violence prevention; recreation/lifetime sports;
health care referrals; and self-esteem enhancement.

The Philosophy
Our methodology involves creating a parallel family structure at
the Center. We make sure the children feel safe, welcomed
and nurtured, so that learning and skill-building occur.
In order to interrupt the intergenerational cycles of teen parenting
and poverty, our staff strives to develop in each child:

-the competency and motivation to achieve success;

competency and motivation to avoid early parenthood;

capability to envision a pathway to a hopeful future
that includes education and careers, rather than
parenting too soon.

The Problem
Research shows that children born to teen parents are more likely to:

-live in poverty;

-fail in school;

-suffer family violence
and sexual abuse;

-become teen parents.

Recognizing the significance of these facts, our program is designed
to stop the intergenerational cycles of teen parenting.

The Children
Pathways/Senderos Center serves girls and boys, ages 10-18, from
the inner city poverty-stricken, high-risk areas of New Britain.
All of the youth are at high risk for becoming teen parents:

They come from poor families with undereducated
parents (most are Spanish-speaking);

Many have severe academic problems and long-standing
negative relationships with the schools;

Many are siblings of teen parents;

Many are children who were born to teen parents.
Pathways/Senderos Center

The Pathways/Senderos Center is evaluated annually
by Philliber Research & Evaluation.

Our most recent evaluation (2018) found that:  

-98% of our participants remain pregnancy-free
(the last pregnancy occurred in 2006);

100% of students who remain with the program
graduate from high school;

91% of graduates enroll into post-secondary education,
mostly into four year institutions of higher education;

31% of graduates have a college degree or certificate;

97% of graduates who are able to work are employed.

Additionally, our participants are less likely to take drugs
or engage in violence compared to national and state data.

Our Mission
To eliminate teen pregnancy by addressing its root causes,
assuring high school graduation, and promoting adult
self-sufficiency. We provide long-term, comprehensive,
holistic service by creating a parallel family structure with
neighborhood youth and parents.

Our motto:
Diplomas Before Diapers.
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