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A Young Woman's Journey

Many things have helped shaped my life, but I realize that they all
can be traced back to one moment: joining a program called
Pathways/Senderos. Pathways is not just a program geared towards
youth, but more like a home, a second family. At Pathways I have
not only made the right kind of friends, but I have determined what
kind of life I want to live, educationally, and personally. I want to
become a leader and a role model for all the youth around me so
they in turn can succeed. Joining Pathways prepared me to venture
into the real world and overcome any challenges placed in front of
me on my road to achieving my goals.

Near the end of my fifth grade year, I was sitting in my house
watching T.V. My mom came in and said she signed up my sister
and I for a program right across the street. It was called
Pathways/Senderos, a teen pregnancy prevention program.
My reaction was “Another boring program? I am not going at all.”
Now, I eat those words. I am so happy I joined Pathways because
it is not just a regular program, but a true educational environment.
I was taught not only about sex and ways to prevent diseases, but
how to properly do my schoolwork, and most importantly,
how to navigate my way through life.

I have been in Pathways since fifth grade and consider the
program staff and the other participants to be my family.
At Pathways I am offered things that no other kid is offered.
I have people who will motivate me when my grades are not
where they should be. College field trips have opened my eyes
to all the various educational institutions around- big, small,
private, and public- and they have helped me decide which
college will fit me best. Traveling around Connecticut and
visiting colleges has been an amazing experience. I do not want
to be a person who wastes their intellect on drugs, skipping
class and other risky behaviors. Pathways has helped me open
my eyes to what I want to become. Pathways allows me to
separate the people who will lead me in the right direction from
the people who will lead me in the wrong one. With
Pathways' help, I will succeed in life and get a great career,
so I will be able to provide for myself and not have
to depend on anyone else.

Being a part of Pathways has influenced me to change for
the better, because now I have created a path in which I will
get a High School diploma and then go off to college
without letting anything get in my way. When I first started
here, I did not know what path I would take. I could have
gone down the path of leading to nowhere. Instead, I decided
to go down the path of college, career, and success. I always
thought I would follow in my mom’s footsteps of getting pregnant
early. If it was not for Pathways, I would never have felt as secure
with myself and be as driven to succeed as I am today. Also,
I would have never known about all of the options
that are out there for me.

I am proud of myself because I have come this far and because
I know what I want in life and how to go about getting it.
As soon as my college life starts, I am going to focus on
becoming a Social Worker as well as an Athletic Trainer.
I can honestly, and proudly, say that I have fully matured in
high school and I am ready to attend college and continue
my hard work. I want to become a leader and a role model
for all the youth around me so they will want to
succeed as much as I do.

-Written by Faith R, Pathways Class of 2012
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