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Academic Assistance

Collaborative arrangements with Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), New Britain High School, E.C. Goodwin Technical High schools and local middle schools are the keys to the strength of our academic support component.

Pathways/Senderos places significant emphasis on education. There is strong evidence connecting academic failure to teen pregnancy. At the same time, we know that academic success is a key to teen pregnancy prevention; those students who stay in school and do well are least likely to become teen parents(or engage in other risky behavior).

Pathways/Senderos Center

Career Preparation

Progressive activities include classroom lessons, an entrepreneurial project, and community service placements. As students mature, they move into paid job training with Pathways' Clean-Up Crew, as well as Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program (SYELP).

Pathways' Clean-Up Crew is a lawn/home care business established to provide job training and work experience for the program's youth and their families, and to diversify the Center's funding base. Our High School Coordinator supervises students while they provide several services, including raking, removing debris, painting, and more.

Family Life and Sex Education

Individual sessions are provided weekly at the center with our family life and sex education coordinator. Materials are developmentally appropriate and comprehensive. We also have a partnership with Planned Parenthood at the Hospital of Central Connecticut at New Britain General.

Violence Prevention

Non-violence is critical in building a pathway to a successful future. Students explore a range of issues related to violence and victimization, as well as developing prevention strategies that promote peace at school, at home, at the center, and in the community.

Pathways/Senderos Center
Pathways/Senderos Center

Health Care Referrals, Family Support/Outreach

A family liaison/outreach worker links families to the center. Information, assistance, and referrals are provided as needed. Food, clothing, and other household items are also distributed. Daily attendance is taken, and all absences are reported to parents. Semi-annual family parties solidify the connection with the parents and the center.

Recreation/Lifelong Sports

Neighborhood resources provide regular recreational opportunities for our youth, including basketball and swimming at A.W. Stanley Park, and jogging at Walnut Hill Park. Youth frequently attend field trips to sporting, educational, cultural and recreational events.

Pathways/Senderos Center
Pathways/Senderos Center

Self-Esteem Enhancement

People with high self-esteem have positive yet realistic views of themselves, their abilities, and their situations in life. We cultivate an atmosphere of positivity at the center, and we engage students in projects designed to improve their self-esteem, such as arts and crafts projects, writing groups, and discussion groups.

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